Star Course Downloads

These downloads are available provided you agree to the free 'copyleft' terms, which are as follows:

1. You are free to use and distribute these materials however you wish, provided you comply with the terms of this licence.

2. You are free to modify this material in any way provided that you make clear what the modifications are and that you make these modifications freely available to others who request them: you must email with a short description of the changes you have made and either:
 a. Making it clear that you are happy for other people to use these modifications subject to these terms, and that you will email copies to interested parties who request them or preferably
 b. Attaching copies of the modifications which can be put on the starcourse downloads webiste, so that people can download them.

3. Anyone receiving these documents does so on the condition that they adbide by these conditions and that they impose these conditions on anyone to whom they distribute these documents.

Here are the Downloads available:

Please let us know that you are downloading and how the course is going.

Yours in Christ

Nicholas (page last updated 7 July 2002)

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