Cybernauts Awake!

An exploration of the ethical and spiritual implications of cyberspace

Welcome to the website for Cybernauts Awake! We hope that you'll find the ideas interesting and stimulating.

"a really great report" - Ruth Gledhill (Religious Correspondent - The Times)

"many useful thought-provoking insights" - Patrick Dixon (Global Change Guru)

"useful, informative and helpful" - Archbishop of York

"Clear, inviting, to the point... Nicely done!" - Prof. James Peterson (Wingate University)

"Dynamic, perceptive, cutting-edge" - Neil Willis (Third Way )

" will be enjoyed by most readers interested in the subject of cyberethics (e-thics?), and can serve as a thoughtful tour of technological issues" (SlashDot)

If you'd like to look at a debate on the issues raised, click here. If anyone has ideas for improvements or corrections we're keen to build on them, and will post addenda and errata as appropriate.

The book was been covered by The Times, The Telegraph, The BBC and ITN, the Church Times, the Church of England Newspaper, The Expository Times, Computer Weekly, The Register the Berliner Zeitung, Newsbytes, Third Way the Sunday Programme and SlashDot. It also stimulated a draft tract (which needs improvement).

If you are a journalist and have something on the web covering this book, or want to interview an author, do email.
If you want an abbreviated version which skips some of the stuff that is obvious to the web-literate click here.
A brilliant book by John Naisbitt et al makes some related points. Click for its website or you can buy it here (UK : US)