Responses to the Spong Challenge

Here are the responses to my challenge to John Selby Spong ("bishop of Newark") about Spong's Theses.
I have had the following (to 31 July 98): {editorial clarifications/comments added in braces thus} There are some other sites linked below.
The latest postings are given below.

There will be no new postings of comments this site - I feel that we have said all that can be said and it's getting too time-consuming to add them.
You can make related postings to Episco-talk and to ChurchNet Q&A.
There are 2 interviews with Spong posted on this site, with the Church of England Newspaper and with the Independent.

There have been about 5,560  hits on the Starcourse Website since 23 April 98 & they are currently running at a rate of c 14,000 pa  (28 Aug 98) 

The Bishop of Rochester has now published his own response to Spong, which is here.
There is also an interesting Episcopalean response here.
The statement by 50 US Bishops dissociating themselves from Spong's Theses is here.
An interview wih Spong published on July 10th is here.

Other Sites

There are also some other discussions going on re Spong.  I'm aware of the following - if you have more let me know:  
To Spong Discussion
Star Course
God & Science Debate