Helping your parish proclaim the Gospel

the Star mini-Conference

Monday 28th April 1997 - 13:00 (lunch provided) to 16:00

St Mary Abbot's, Kensington, London

with Bp Michael Colclough & Bp Geoffrey Rowell

plus  Bookstall provided by SPCK and Church Internet Demonstrations

Sharing experience & developing your ministry

The Aims of the Mini-Conference

Outline Programme (subject to change if necessary)

13:00 Welcome Bp Michael Colclough (Bishop of Kensington)

13:10 Buffet Lunch. There will be a bookstall supplied by SPCK, with opportunities to browse and buy the latest books. There will also be demonstrations of the Internet & the Diocese's EMail system, available to all.

14:00 Star past & future Bp Geoffrey Rowell (Bishop of Basingstoke) & Nicholas Beale

14:15 Star in our Parishes Fr Anthony Fletcher & some or all of: Fr David Wylie, Fr John Travers & Fr John Henley.

14:40 Review of Star Material and question speakers in smaller groups.

14:50 Small Group discussion & sharing experience

15:20 Developing Parish Ministries Fr Lawrence Smith (Parish Ministry Development Adviser, Kensington Area)

15:35 Plenary Discussion with all the speakers.

16:00 Close and final blessing from Bp Michael.


The registration fee of £5 can be offset against the cost of purchasing a Star Course should you decide to do so. Please make your cheque payable to "Star Course" and send it to

Fr Lawrence Smith
Kensington Area Ministry Development Adviser
London Diocesan House
36 Causton Street
London SW1P 4AU

Lord, arouse in your Church the Spirit that guided our holy father St Benedict. Fill us with that Spirit, that we may love what he loved & put into practice what he taught. Help us to be steadfast in the service of Your will, that we may grow in number & holiness. We make our prayer through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

A Benedictine Prayer from Alton Abbey