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This is drawn from John Polkinghorne's excellent book Science & Theology (1998). I have made a few additions, in green.  John has also made (so far) one addition, in red. Where there are links, you can click on the book to get the amazon.com listing. Click on the UK and you get the amazon.co.uk listing.  I'm afraid it takes ages to make these links, so they will be updated gradually.  If you need a link urgently, EMail me.

Last Updated 11 Jan 2001- adding excellent books by Rose and Kagan and Alexander.


Dennis Alexander, a practicing Immunologist, has written a brilliant book called Rebuilding the Matrix (US) which is a masterly overview of Science and Religion. It's coming out in Paperback in 2002.


Three major authors are scientists who have turned their attention to theological issues, the scientist-theologians: Ian Barbour, Arthur Peacocke and John Polkinghorne. Their principal writings are:

IG Barbour

AR Peacocke

John Polkinghorne

Seven other books, each with a distinctive approach, are: Further one may note books by theologians who display sympathy to the need to take science seriously:

The Area of Interaction



Divine Action

Christian Theology

The World Faiths