Explanation of Burgess Shale Picture

In the foreground Anomalocaris has captured a hapless trilobite, sized in its anterior giant appendages which are manoeuvring the prey towards the armoured mouth.  On the seal floor from left to centre respectively are a solitary specimen of Wiwaxia and three specimens of Hallucigenia.  Note in both animals the defensive array of spines (although the bifid termination on the left individual of Hallucigenia is an error).  Further to the right is the lobopodian Aysheaia with its anterior prongs around the mouth, as well as the primitive arthropod Opabina which is a close relative of the larger Anomalocaris.  Descending to the sea floor are two individuals of the arthropod Marrella.  Also visible in this scene are sessile epifauna in the form of Dinomischus (yellow) and the sponge Vauxia (blue).

This is taken from The Crucible of Creation by Prof. Simon Conway Morris.